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TripAdvisor's Premium Partner

Cosmores becomes TripAdvisor's TripConnect Premium Partner

TripConnect is a powerful and exciting new way for hotels, inns, and B&Bs to compete for bookings on the world's largest travel site. Cosmores with TripConnect empowers accommodation owners to generate new business by bringing visitors who are ready to book directly to their website's booking page.

Trip Connect TripConnect is the new TripAdvisors's Bookings and Hotel Price Comparison platform and will be a new important source of bookings for Hotels and Resorts. With TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search, travelers can now access hotel prices and availability directly on the TripAdvisor site.

While participation in this program was available only to OTAs, large hotel chains, and a few independent hotels, TripConnect will empower your hotel partners to bid for conversion-ready traffic via live links in these search results. Features include:

  • TripConnect - Empowering hotels to drive incremental bookings through the world's largest travel site. TripConnect can boost your business by linking hotels to more than 260 million unique monthly visitors* on TripAdvisor — generating more transactions for your hotel partners through your company. Enable your hotel to acquire highly qualified traffic from TripAdvisor and convert this qualified traffic into bookings .
  • Review Express - Making it easy for hotels to get more traveler reviews for free
  • Revenue Tracking - Giving hotels reporting on the success of their TripConnect efforts

Cosmores provides real-time room availability and online reservations making it easy for hoteliers to receive conversion-ready traffic from TripAdvisor. Use it to gain:
  • Stronger sales - TripConnect helps hoteliers increase the likelihood that travelers will book, boosting RevPar numbers.
  • ROI tracking - With simple pixel implementation, your hotel can easily track ROI.
  • Easy bid management - TripConnect gives hotel partners full access to a platform that allows them to actively manage bids.
  • Cost control - Help hoteliers control acquisition costs by setting budget caps and turning bid "campaigns" on and off at their discretion.