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Distribute across channels such as GDS and IDS

Cosmores includes a two-way Channel Manager able to manage distribution channels easily, rapidly and fully automatically based on one room inventory.

Cosmores Channel Manager enables distribution in a way that minimises the extranets a hotel may have to manage — saving time and ensuring rate parity — but does so in a way that allows hotels more control and content distribution options than a traditional CRS and channel manager set-up.

Cosmores brings the next generation channel management functionality, taking the concept to a new level by being a true distributor and not an allocator, allowing for greater control of bookings thanks to a two-way writing using direct xml links. Unlike traditional allocators, the Cosmores Channel Manager actually manages your bookings instead of just updating rates and availability. This enables intelligent and centralised reporting, making vital decisions much easier.

View a list of our IDS channels here (channels are added to the list frequently. If a channel is not listed, just contact us to request it): IDS Channel List.